Do you use a septic system in Mobile, AL? No doubt you always want it to work properly. A malfunctioning septic system can cause untold anxiety to a home or business owner. The best way to quell this anxiety is to seek out professional septic tank service. One of the key services a septic tank regularly requires is cleaning.

Did you know that proper and regular cleaning of a septic tank can result in your system lasting longer, save you time and valuable resources, and spare you the frustration of a blocked tank?

Septic tank cleaning professionals will deploy the right skills, using suitable equipment and adhere to health and safety protocols. Furthermore, you’ll sit back, relax and enjoy peace of mind as the dirty, yet vital, job is done for you.

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Can you differentiate between pumping and cleaning a septic tank? If you are unable, do not worry, you’re not alone. Many people assume that pumping and cleaning are synonymous when it comes to septic tanks. Likely because both processes are undertaken using a vacuum truck. However, there is a significant difference.

Pumping will only remove the liquids in the tank, but will not extract solids that have accumulated within the septic system. This is where cleaning comes in. Proper cleaning is an extensive exercise where sludge, grease and other solids are removed from the septic tank, drains and pipes. Cleaning is a vital part of the septic tank maintenance process. Put simply: cleaning is more of a thorough job than septic tank pumping.


Most people don’t think about their septic system very often. Once they flush the toilet, they take it for granted that the dirt has disappeared instantly from their sight. On average, each individual in a single-family home uses about 70 gallons daily. All this waste water drains into the septic system.

On reaching the septic tank, the waste water is divided into three parts: solids sink to the bottom forming sludge, fats and oils float at the top (scum), while water is in the middle. Over time, the systems gets more and more clogged as the sludge and scum accumulates.

Furthermore, people will inadvertently throw in solids that are insoluble in water into the septic system. If left, these solids may cause blockage in the drains and pipes.


Generally, it’s recommended that you get your septic tank cleaned at least every 3 to 5 years. Still, there could be some unique factors with your septic tank that may necessitate more frequent cleaning. These factors may include:

  • Type of facility. That is, is it residential or commercial?
  • Was the last cleaning carried out by a professional?
  • Size and type of the septic tank
  • Amount of solid in wastewater
  • Age of the septic system
  • Indications of septic system problems found when the tank was inspected or pumped

If you are not sure of the frequency with which to have your septic system cleaned, it is best to carry out a professional septic tank inspection annually.


When was the last time that your septic tank was cleaned and serviced? Or have you just been having the waste pumped out when the tank was full? Well, if your answer to the last question was affirmative, then you’re probably sitting on a ticking time bomb. Now is the time to contact us for a customized inspection and thorough cleaning service.

We offer our septic tank cleaning services for both residential and commercial facilities. We pride ourselves on being rated as the best septic tank cleaning service in Mobile, AL. When you want your septic system professionally pumped and cleaned, book an appointment with us. We are just a call away!